Treatment for:

(Pseudofolliculitis Barbae)
Razor Bumps
Ingrown Hairs
Razor Burn
Electrolysis/Waxing Redness



For Men and Women

Bump-X® is the #1 recommended treatment for unsightly razor bump, elimination and prevention of ingrown hairs, elimination and prevention of razor burn, electrolysis and waxing redness.

Bump-X® has been carefully formulated to quickly reduce skin irritations and defuses redness and inflammation of razor bumps and ingrown hairs, promoting a healthy and beautiful skin surface.
For men's faces, neck, chest, under arms, and women's faces, legs, underarms, bikini lines.

Razor Bumps with Bump-X® treatment

Razor Bumps Before

Razor Bumps After
After 48 hours

Skin Redness with Bump-X® treatment

Skin Redness Before

Skin Redness After
After 24 hours

Razor Burn with Bump-X® treatment

Razor Burn Before

Razor Burn After
After 24 hours

Razor Bump (pseudofolliculitis barbae) - occur on the faces of men with wiry, curly hair beard (70% of African-American and 20% of Caucasian men). Beard hairs curl as they grow and eventually burrow into the skin adjacent to the hair follicle. Razor bumps itch, burn, and make shaving impossible. When applied regularly, Bump-X® effectively and safely eliminates unsightly razor bumps. Bump-X® also eliminates the itching and burning associated with razor bumps within minute of application.

Ingrown Hairs - men and women suffer from ingrown hairs. Men get ingrown hairs on their beard area, women get them after shaving their legs, bikini lines, and underarms, as well as after waxing and electrolysis (Bump-X® may be applied after waxing or electrolysis). Ingrown hairs form after hairs have been cut or otherwise removed below the skin surface, and as the hairs continue to grow, they curl over within the follicles and fail to exit to the surface. The results is an unsightly ingrown-hair-formed "bump" on the skin. Regular application of Bump-X® will eliminate existing ingrown hairs without tweezing for both men and women. Bump-X® will guarantee to eliminate ingrown hairs.

Razor Burn - Applying Bump-X® after shaving will eliminate the noticeable redness that appears on the skin after shaving. This is great for men who have redness after shaving their faces, as well as for women after shaving legs, bikini lines and underarms.

Electrolysis and Waxing - Applying Bump-X® regularly to areas that are treated with electrolysis or waxed will prevent the ingrown hair formation that occurs after these procedures. When used after waxing, the redness which results will disappear within minutes. Applying after electrolysis will quench the burning and eliminate the redness within minutes.

Deodorant- Bump-X® works as an extremely effective antiperspirant / deodorant in addition to eliminating razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hair and skin redness.

Redness scarring- Bump-X® helps to minimize scar formation resulting from constant shaving with a blade. Bump-X® helps to reduce existing scar tissue, and minimize KELOID formation on the skin of blacks.

Styptic effect - Bump-X® will stop bleeding from shaving when applied immediately after shaving.

After Facial - Bump-X® is used after facials to eliminate "bump" formation and bleeding after skin extraction procedures.

Necktie Redness - Bump-X® eliminates neck tie redness when applied daily.

Acne - Bump-X® will dramatically reduces the deplorable appearance of acne.

Bug Bites - Bump-X® prevents and soothes insect bites.

Cold Sores - Bump-X® minimizes the appearance of cold sores on the skin around the lips.


  • For shaving- rinse shaved area with warm water, removing soap and debris. Apply a thin layer of Bump-X® over the shaved area and leave to air dry.
  • For Ingrown hairs and sever cases - apply Bump-X® 8 hours before shaving (at night). Bump-X® works to shrink existing razor bumps, allowing for a smoother shave. Apply Bump-X® afterward (after shaving) to remain free of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • For waxing (bikini, underarm, legs, eyebrow, chin)- apply Bump-X® before and after waxing (20-30 minutes after hair removal) to prevent redness and post-wax bumping. Continue use of Bump-X® will help prevent razor bumps from developing.
  • For electrolysis- apply Bump-X® before and after treatment to prevent redness and post-treatment bumping.

Always shave in the direction of the hair follicle. Do not tweeze ingrown hairs as it may cause skin irritation and increases the more ingrown hairs. Make sure you always use a sharp razor and change your blade frequently. Dull blade will cause more razor bumps, try to use single edged blade.

If you have TRUE allergies to Aspirin (itching, hives, redness, shortness of breath), do not use this product. Do not use Bump-X® in conjunction with depilatories (shaving powder). Pregnant women should consult their physician before using Bump-X®. If you have sensitivities to other products, test a small area for 30 minutes before using this product. Keep Bump-X® away from color sensitive clothing and carpet as it may cause discoloration. For external use only. Contents flammable. Do not store near heat, sparks or open flame. Avoid getting into eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with warm water. Keep out of reach of children.

INGREDIENTS: Isopropyl Alcohol, SDA 40 Ethanol, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Purified water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine.


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